( I know today is not sunday but I couldn’t have done it tomorrow so I am posting it today ! From mext time it will be on sundays only ! …ok now enjoy !!)

So its already 12 AM when i am writing this . I have done some questions of biology till now and now its time for physics but i cant figure out whether to bath first and then study or to study first and then bath

Dilemma ……………………………………………

So just wanted to give you the gist of my study plans I am an Indian student preparing for a competitive exam so i mainly just have to do lots and lots of questions as i am lest with less days for my exam

so finally I took bath , had lunch and now i am going to do physics .I feel bit sleepy but i have promised to study and i cant sleep before that !!!

Studied physics for and hour and i have completed one chapter such i victory and rewarding myself with a sleep ….so good night buddies !!

Update in my life – so it was nearly 2:30 when i left studying and now its 5 PM so after one hour of study and almost two hours of break I am finally going back to study hope that i study for at least two hours this time as it is really necessary

One hour passed and done with physics two chapters (victory !..I know !) i am in my full spirits right now !!

Now gonna do some MAT and GK questions .

Not done much practice as there were not much questions on internet . Nevertheless the only subject left now is chemistry and have to do at least 50 questions of it too and some revision ………….. Life is hard man !

so in the mean time i made some bhelpuri for myself (an Indian snack ) ,typed my next blog and had some rest .Its now 8PM and nest sitting should start .

Yup completed chemistry too ! such a productive day this was .Now I am ending this blog here .I really wish you enjoyed reading my life and got some motivation to study ! i will be posting my study with me blogs every Sunday by the name #sundaystudyblogs please follow me if you liked the blog and some other blogs will also come on days like #wednesdayforwomen where i will be posting some girly things

#Fridayfuntalk wherein i will write about somethings i care about or anything fun that happened with me or story time , in short nothing for particular will be done this day just some less stressing talk !

Comment below if you liked the blog and want me to do it more often i would love to do that (but only if you enjoyed !)

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So in the initial days when we just start our prepartaion for competitive exam it is very very necessary to revise the concept taught in the coaching daily. Initially for a week or two we take it very seriously but after some time we start neglecting it and procastinating which never comes and in the end we are left with one full chapter to revise and with advance in time the syllabus also increases so in the end we have no other option than leaving that chapter .

So it is very very important that you follow the practise of revising the things that are taught on the same day and practise this habit very religiously .Revising Bio will take comparitively less time but if there are things that you have to cramp do it then and there give some time but finish it the same day .In physics do the same questions again revise the concept and in chemistry too .Even if you have two hours of self study still take time and revise as it will help you the way you have never imagined .


For bio students NCERT is god try and read the concept taught in the class from NCERT even if it is one paragraph . Read it and try to remember it line by line . Focus on the diagrams they are very very important and learn the labelling evn the sequence in which they are written they some times gie the sequence and who even klnows the right sequence in whichthey were written can only solve the ques .


NEET students should try to make a formula copy from the begining so that it can help you in the end .Try to focus on the general formulas that are applicable in many question rather than the formula for a particular case (you will find them useless in the end so focus o the general ones )


In inorganic chemistry there are innumerable reactions but keep ypur main focus on the NCERT reactions . You have to try and learn all the reactions but focus more on those that are given in NCERT


Initially we dont have the habit of solving physics fast and it becomesiriitating when during tests we have to leave physics due to lack of time .So in the starting you have muh more time in your days so try solving atleast 50 questions daily amd increase the number of questions later when you develop speed .

Initially it becomes very irritating as you take so much time for those 50 ques but its all worth it as in the end it will give you speed so do not ignore it , give time as it is really really important .


Use sticky notes to paste on your walls ,all the things you cant remember its really really helpful because its okay if you cant remember them for three days but in the end , at the last day of your exam i am damn sure it will be on your mind forever . Use plastic sticky notes to mark the chapters in your copy , the paper ones may get worn out at the end of your three years .

these are the plastic


Many people prefer small copies but i have personally faced this problem thatin the end it becomes very hard to find the copy in which the particular topic was written so i would rather suggest tp make a thicker copy and use sticky notes to mark the chapter name (also use the plastic ones rather than paper as they can get worn out in the end of two years )